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IWA MEWE 2019 will be at ANA Crowne Plaza Hiroshima in the city center of Hiroshima, located in a 10-min taxi ride from Hiroshima Station and a 12-min walk from Hiroshima Bus Center.

City of World Heritage

Hiroshima is a historical port city in the southwest of Japan. The city of economical center in Setouchi region attracts people with important World Heritage Sites of Itsukushima Shrine and Atomic Bomb Dome as well as unique local food.

Travel Information

Access to the Venue

Access to the conference venue is available at the venue website.

Access to Hiroshima City

By Airplane (Hiroshima Airport)

  • International flights from/to Seoul, Dalian, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • 17 daily flights from/to Tokyo-Haneda Airport by JAL and ANA.
  • 3 daily flights from/to Tokyo-Narita Airport.
  • 1-2 daily flights each from/to Sapporo-Chitose, Sendai and Naha Airports.
  • Limousine buses are available to access Hiroshima Bus Center or Hiroshima Station. (Bus schedule)

* The above information is as of 28 December 2018. Please check the updated information by airlines and Hiroshima Airport.

By Train (Hiroshima Station)

Shinkansen super-express are available at Hiroshima Station from/to:

  • Hakata (Fukuoka) Station for 1 hour
  • Shin-Osaka Station for 1 h 20 min. (and 50 min by Haruka express train from Kansai Int’l Airport to Shin-Osaka Station)
  • Nagoya Station for 2 h 15 min.